Victoria has had an extensive career of performing and recording in Europe, travel with us through her many wonderful performances and recordings:


As Paula Desmond

“If it feels good”

“Have Faith In Your Love”


As Paul Desmond

“Pride 1”

Worls Grand Prix Pride One
Worls Grand Prix Pride One

“I Don’t Want To Lose You “

Original song written by Victor under the name M.V. Horne

“You Break My Heart”


“I Love So Caruso”

“Too Much Is NOt Enough”

Victoria Horne Too Much Is Not Enough

“Come Dance With Me”

“Lady of Burma”

Victoria Horne Sings The Lady Of Burma

“Free To Fly” recorded in Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Victoria Horne Free To Fly


“One Day I’ll Fly Away” Live In Munich

“Sound Of Your Body”



J.J. Victoria (AKA Victoria Horne) and Adrian Daminescu – Why Should I Care About You

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