Enthusiastic and meticulous in her choice of performance material...

Photo: Paco Alacid

New Project With Tim Mayer

Victoria is excited to be working on an upcoming project with the great Jazz Saxophonist, Tim Mayer. Tim previously arranged music for Victoria when she performed at the Paradise Big Band concert in Key West. Look for updates soon!


Victoria is excited be a contributing author to the upcoming book "Good Is Powerful Beyond Measure: An Anthology of Hope". COMING February 22, 2024! A NEW BOOK: GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE written and collected by Melony McGant  Foreword by Ben Vereen ...

“Autumn Sky” Remix

Victoria is excited to share the release of "Autumn Sky” remixed! https://youtu.be/4zSU_oh01AA?si=sIduql64jBDP-Q-D

Victoria’s Recent Radio Interviews

Victoria has recently made appearances on two separate radio station interviews. Check them out below: Magic 103.7. FM in St. Vincent and the Grenadines In the Caribbean, Tuesday, February 7, 2023 VON Radio 680 AM Tuesday January 31 2023 @ 3:30 PM New YORK...

Victoria “Hope” is on the playlist on ABS Radio 620 AM in Antigua and Barbuda.

Victoria "Hope" is on the playlist on ABS Radio 620 AM in Antigua and Barbuda. Click here to listen : https://mytuner-radio.com/radio/abs-radio-620-am-414596/

Victoria’s European and Asian Connections

Victoria has had an extensive career of performing and recording in Europe, travel with us through her many wonderful performances and recordings: England As Paula Desmond "If it feels good" "Have Faith In Your Love" Japan As Paul Desmond "Pride 1" Worls Grand Prix...

GodSpell 50th Anniversary

Victoria attended the 50th anniversary and celebration of Godspell.Victoria performed "O' Bless the Lord My Soul" in the National Bus and Truck Tour 1973.

Victoria Singing With Epiphany Reign in 2017

Here is Victoria's recording with Epiphany Reign in the song "Rise" https://youtu.be/U-c4N67b7ds

Victoria Horne Performing as Paula Desmond

Victoria recorded two singles in the 80's under the name Paula Desmond: If It Feels Good and Have Faith In Your Love. Check them out below: If It Feels Good “If It Feels Good” (Jack Robinson, James Bolden) Format : vinyl, 12″, 45 rpm Have Faith In Your Love “Have...

Victoria Horne Invites You To Dance!

Check out Victoria's "Sound Of Your Body" Produced By Frank Meyer

Sound Of Your Body Commercial

Enjoy this 15 second commercial for Victoria's Sound Of Your Body from Wolf Entertainment https://youtu.be/1XjPXQak-J0

Virtual Artist Talk

Hello, Everyone, It's exciting news that I'd like to share with you! On April 24, 2023, at 2PM I will have my first virtual artist talk at the Hudson Park Library right here in New York City! looking forward to chatting with you all! In the meantime enjoy this sunny...

Victoria Horne – Live at Louie Louies


Victoria Horne at the Balcony Club

World renowned -Professional vocalist, actress and international entertainer Victoria Horne was at the Balcony club last night singing Bye Bye Blackbird with Jonathan Fisher on bass, Andrew Griffith on drums, Shelley Carrol on flute and sax...

Virtual Artist Talk: Victoria Horne on her Thailand Photography

Date and Time Monday, April 24, 2023, 2 - 2:45 PM End times are approximate. Events may end early or late. Location Virtual Hudson Park Library Join artist Victoria Horne as she talks about the photographs she took while in Thailand.  The photographs are on...

Victoria's Sessionography

View Victoria’s full sessionography curated by Hugo Duschak


COMING February 22, 2024! A NEW BOOK: GOOD IS POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE written and collected by Melony McGant  Foreword by Ben Vereen 

Victoria is excited be a contributing author to the upcoming book “Good Is Powerful Beyond Measure: An Anthology of Hope”.

Victoria’s imaginative staging concepts are fresh, fascinating and specifically designed for each show and performance venue. Victoria’s appearance on stage is sensational, costumes are classy, exotic, and professional.

A little more about Victoria…


Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Victoria was exposed to music and the vocal styles of Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Dinah Washington as a child, due to her Mother, Edith Dorothy Horne, a vocalist whose influence and passion for music had a direct impact on her daughter. Although a native New Yorker Victoria’s career and performances developed throughout Europe and Japan. Learning to sing in French, Italian, German, and Japanese was a necessary and difficult task, and planning to return to the USA was always the main goal. The work overseas kept her busy and eventually, Victoria made her home in France.

Working as a primary and respected entertainer on European luxury cruise liners, allowed Victoria to explore many facets of her music, and travel extensively at the same time. A consummate collector of antiques, paintings, music, and all things beautiful, Victoria has a unique view of the world as a very small place where all people are connected through their cultures.

Congratulations to  Victoria Horne  and  Rüdiger Gleisberg  for landing their song “HOPE” in the Spotify Top 50 / New Music playlist at Number 8!!

Victoria On The Mindful Media Show

Victoria had a great interview on the Mindful Media Show Thursday, February 11, 2021 where they highlighted her career and new songs Hope and Autumn Sky. You can purchase her songs Hope and Autumn Sky at Google Play and Apple iTunes below:

Photo By: Hans Schiessier
Photo By: Paco Alacid
Photo By: Ralph DePalma
Photo By: Vicki
Victoria in Mikado Japan
Victoria in Tokyo Japan
Victoria Orange Dress
Victoria Gold Dress
Photo By: Paco Alacid
Victoria Horne
Victoria Horne
Victoria Horne
Victoria at Casino Victoria Bucharest
Photo By: Paco Alacid
Photo By: Enrico Bosco
Photo By: Enrico Bosco
Photo By: Enrico Bosco
Photo By: Enrico Bosco
Photo By: Enrico Bosco
Photo By: Ralph De Palma
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Victoria Horne- With Rüdiger Gleisberg Song Hope is played on
The Lana Del Ray Show! in the USA

Victoria’s outstanding vocal capabilities are not limited to one genre; being excellently trained allows her the freedom to be versatile. Performing in New York City, the ability to sing various styles was paramount.

As performance challenges arose she met them head on, leading to various opportunities and fueling her passion for music. Although preferring to perform with a band… requests for solo performances led Victoria to design her one woman show case using music tracks and visual effects.

Victoria's Recordings

International Acclaim

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